Kristina Winterswimmers rf is a non-profit association in Kristinestad, which was founded in 2003. The purpose of the association is to increase the well-being of residents and visitors and to offer leisure employment. Kristina Winterswimmers rf allows the residents to swim regularly at the sea baths (on the eastern side of the city).


The business started in two construction barracks, one of which served as a sauna and the other as a cold changing room. The number of members soon increased from a few ten to about fifty. In 2008, the association was granted EU funding, which made it possible to build a new sauna building. The construction work was mainly done by the members, and the dream of a sauna building with warm dressing rooms and toilets was realized. The number of members in the association continued to grow and in 2017 the number of members increased to over 130 members. In addition, the sauna is visited by one-time visitors from nearby municipalities and tourists.

Board of Directors 

Chairman of the Board:
Margareta Rissanen, phone: +358 40 840 1666

Vice Chairman:
Sam Sandelin, phone: +358401409180

Ritva Haapala, phone: +358 40 581 5355